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people for people

‘A heart for people’ forms the very core of TheXchange. When SportStaX launch, every talented person that issues SportStaX or fan that buys SportStaX will be able to choose how much they give back to the Heart of Sport Foundation. The Heart of Sport Foundation will utilize blockchain technology to create a transparent, immutable record of giving and how funds are utilized to impact the lives of current and former athletes at all levels worldwide.

Future Stars

Using Sport as a catalyst to transform the lives of children from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Aiding and assisting athletes in cultivating habits of perseverance, determination and consistency.


Partnering with sport philanthropy organizations to ensure the success of all athletes around the world.

Kids in sport

kids in sport

The Heart of Sport Foundation aims to transform the lives of children from disadvantaged backgrounds, by using sport as a catalyst for social change and radical empowerment. VirtualStaX creates a window of opportunity through which blockchain technology is used for sustainable development, ensuring that children reach their full potential.

This transparent approach guarantees that funds are utilized to leave a lasting impact on the lives of poverty-stricken children, by providing scholarships, sporting equipment, training, and counselling.

“All kids need a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes in them”

Magic Johnson

Athletes in Action

One of the key attributes in ensuring the success of a sporting career is consistency. The Heart of Sport Foundation aids and assists athletes in cultivating habits of perseverance, determination and consistency.

VirtualStaX is characterised by its groundbreaking block-chain technology that ensures the transparent distribution of funds towards the training, rehabilitation, counselling and financial planning of athletes — guaranteeing the overall well-being and success of professional athletes across the world, in all spheres of life.

Athletes in action
Rodger Staubach quote

“In any team sport, the best teams have consistency and chemistry”

Roger Staubach

Retired athletes

Retired Athletes

The Heart of Sport Foundation celebrates yesterday’s sport heroes with compassion, dignity and benevolence. With the core focus on establishing a lasting legacy for retired athletes, this foundation has a dynamic approach in which block-chain technology is utilized to help and support retired athletes.

VirtualStaX provides a platform through which these retired athletes are empowered through various programs, including pension-funds, rehabilitation, injury assessments and financial assistance.

sport Foundations

At ‘The Heart of Sport’ we collectively join hands with other sport philanthropy organizations and associations to ensure the success, well-being, and prosperity of old and young athletes around the world. It is within this unity, that the Heart of Sport becomes visible. In the words of late president Nelson Mandela “Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does”.

Inspired by this principle, VirtualStaX incorporates leading block-chain technology to cultivate a culture of unified giving, collective charity & sport philanthropy.

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